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Open Senior Embedded Software Engineer Position

Posted by: jur023

August 23, 2017

The Pervasive Computing team within Data61 has an exciting opportunity for a Senior Software Engineer with strong skills in embedded (microcontroller) programming, and a record of delivering commercial embedded devices. In this position, the successful candidate will manage team members to deliver a close-to-market system of wirelessly networked embedded devices, for low-power tracking of location and activity of animals within an agricultural context. Working within the Distributed Sensing Systems research group, and in partnership with the Livestock Phenomics research group and external companies, you will contribute your expertise towards impactful research and IT development aimed at reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of commercial livestock management operations.

Specifically you will:

  • Manage team members to deliver a close-to-market embedded device, including coordination of a project team comprised of hardware engineers, software engineers and researchers.
  • Lead the design and development of an embedded device for livestock that provides geo location, health management and early warning for biosecurity threats for individual animals.
  • Lead lab and field-testing activities to ensure the developed hardware and software reaches commercial ready quality and can be used reliably in multi-year deployments.

The full position description and link for applying online are available here.