Mobile Analytics

August 2nd, 2016

molytics-architectures-300x197Mobile analytics emphasises discovery (lightweight) on mobile devices, computation balancing and communication of meaningful patterns in sensed, observed, discovered, computed data while on-the-move. Mobile analytics is concerned with data stream & query processing on mobile devices (smartphones) and adaptive cooperation with cloud-based resources. Chalenges include:

  • Require mobile devices to continuously sense, process and upload sensed data to the cloud/remote servers
  • Data collection should be cost-efficient for both the devices and the networks
    • Local analytics
  • Require infrastructure to receive, manage and analyse large volumes of real-time data streams using cloud computing platforms
    • Aggregate analytics
  • Require participation from the user and willingness to allow collection of sensor data
    • user preferences
    • privacy
    • incentives
  • Collecting and managing diverse data streams from multiple sources,
  • Making inferences to extract context for entities- individuals, groups, locations
  • Mining highly diverse data streams to get useful inferences, recommendations, etc.
  • Preserving privacy and anonymity of users