Basin Futures receives national iAwards 2019

September 2nd, 2019

The Distributed Sensing Systems Group’s Basin Futures system, developed in collaboration with CSIRO Land & Water, has just received the National iAward for Data Insights Innovation of the Year.

This comes in addition to the Tasmanian iAward for Data Insights Innovation of the Year, along with two Tasmanian merit awards for ‘Research and Development Project of the Year‘ and ‘Industrial and Primary Industries‘ categories, received earlier this year!

Basin Futures makes basin water planning accessible anywhere in the world by significantly reducing barriers to entry. It allows users to assess changes in water resources under future scenarios (for example, climate change, changes in irrigation, hydro and industry) using global data and cloud-based simulation, delivered through a dynamic web application.

Making use of our Senaps platform, the system is designed to bring together global and local datasets to empower decision-makers to understand their opportunities and constraints in managing their water resources.


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