Developing a new Climate Adaptation Framework for the ACT

January 3rd, 2023

CSIRO has partnered with the ACT Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate to develop a new Climate Adaptation for Nature Framework.

This framework will help guide the Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD), other Directorates and their partners to anticipate and plan for adaptation pathways of responses, that accommodate significant uncertainty and the potential need for transformational adaptation to high-level impacts climate change on the environment of the ACT.

In the first year of the project, CSIRO and ACT Government staff will draft the framework, trial implementation in a series of case studies, then plan a further program of work. The coproduction approach seeks to create useful outputs (framework, case study reports), built adaptation capacity in staff participating (familiarity with and ability to use various adaptation concepts), and generate shared learning about the issues that EPSDD, other parts of ACT Government and stakeholders might experience preparing for the impacts of climate change. These lessons and the capacity built are intended to shape and underpin a long-term program of adaptation in EPSDD and across the ACT Government.

This Environment Adaptation project with also draw on capability across the Sustainability Transition project as part of the Valuing Sustainability Future Science Platform.

CSIRO contributions will be led by Dr Michael Dunlop who has 20 years experience working at the interface between the science of the impacts of climate change, adaptation policy and practice.

View of Canberra Telstra Tower from Mt Ainsley

View of Canberra Telstra Tower on Black Mountain from Mt Ainsley courtesy of Gerda on Unsplash.