Our partners

Bioplatforms Australia provides access to ‘omics technologies in support of all life science researchers working across human health, agriculture, biodiversity and industry. Bioplatforms is enabled by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).
Minderoo Foundation is one of Australia’s largest philanthropies. Minderoo’s Flourishing Oceans initiative aims to return our oceans to a healthy thriving state by ending overfishing; ending the dumping of plastic, heat and CO2 in our ocean; supporting the sustainable use of ocean resources, conserving key habitats; and facilitating world class research.

Taxonomy Australia aims to:

  • increase the profile and understanding of taxonomy and biosystematics in the community and with government and industry
  • help bring about a greatly accelerated discovery and documentation of Australia’s undiscovered species
  • implement the recommendations of the decadal plan for taxonomy and biosystematics.
Deakin University has a history of being innovative and cutting edge, we’re globally renowned for our excellent facilities, exceptional teaching, flexible learning and world-class research.
Cawthron Institute is New Zealand’s largest independent science organisation. We deliver world-class science that helps to protect the environment and support the sustainable development of primary industries in New Zealand and worldwide.
The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is a collaborative, digital, open infrastructure that pulls together Australian biodiversity data from multiple sources, making it accessible and reusable.

The ALA helps to create a more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity for scientists, policy makers, environmental planners and land managers, industry and the general public, and enables them to work more efficiently.

TERN provides open data, research and management tools, data infrastructure and site-based research equipment.