A National Biodiversity DNA Library for Australia

A complete DNA barcode library for Australia’s most important species would create enormous national benefit, supporting industries across fisheries, agriculture, biosecurity, environmental management and tourism.

An illustration of landscapes and seascapes with people collecting samples to have the DNA detected. It also depicts submitting the DNA sequence into a DNA library database, so a comparison can be made and a species determined. The information can help with biosecurity, biodiversity and health initiatives.

Major DNA barcode library initiatives exist overseas and, at smaller scales, within Australia. Most have been generated by hands-on, one-at-a-time processes, which are slow and expensive.

Different scientists also focus on different parts of the genome to generate DNA barcodes. As a result, different reference libraries that exist can’t be easily combined.

We are initiating a National Biodiversity DNA Library for Australia’s most important species. And we’ve developed the technology to make it happen.

Read about our solution – high-throughput genome skimming.