Geological Processes (basins)

Program Leader: Claudio Delle Piane

Geological Processes (basins)

The vision of the Geological Processes program is based on the integration of microstructural investigations with geophysical measurements and geological modelling to reveal linkages and patterns between depositional, diagenetic, deformational processes, and the evolution of rock properties in sedimentary basins.

Building on the available capability mix, the activities of the program are focused on applying novel approaches to better delineate resource potential in sedimentary basins at different scales. Specifically, we focus on:

  • Basin-scale, process-based geological modelling and the integration of multiple geophysical datasets with the aim of deciphering the stratigraphic and structural architecture of concealed, resource-hosting sedimentary basins
  • Well-scale rock physics models of resource hosting sedimentary units aimed at improving the detectability of specific targets for energy and mineral exploration
  • Micro- and nano-scale geochemical characterization and modelling of fluid-rock interactions in energy hosting sediments to better understand processes of resource transport and accumulation as well as the potential mobility of contaminants during resources extraction
  • Evaluation of the potential of cost-effective surface geophysical monitoring tool for reservoir management

All together these science areas will shape better conceptual and predictive models of sediment-hosted resources with a focus on Australian basins and their specific geological characteristics.