Wireless Networks for Disaster Response

February 16th, 2015

We are involved in the design of highly reliable distributed wireless networks for disaster response: Ensuring high quality, long-lifetime communications where there is no available, functional, infrastructure.


Communications Networks for Disaster Response – we are involved in design aspects of Distributed Wireless Networks

  • In place of non-operational cellular/fixed infrastructure
  • And multi-tier networks monitoring masses of evacuees

We are using distributed signal processing in peer-aware (peer-to-peer) personal area networks communications (PAC). In this context we are contributing to the formation of the IEEE 802.15.8 Standard

We have specified a method for transmit power control (PC) and general resource allocation

  • Implemented using non-cooperative game theory, with Pareto-optimal outcomes
  • Improving reliability, network lifetime, and enabling rapid high-priority communications

This contribution on PC has been made to the IEEE 802.15.8 Standard (PAC).

We are collaborating with the Dependable Wireless Laboratory at NICT Japan.


Transmit power control (PC) with 30 uncoordinated distributed source/destination pairs, 30 dBm power saving