OML applications

February 5th, 2015

We currently provide the following applications:

  • collectd-write-oml2: writer plugin for collectd;
  • gpslogger-oml2: measure GPS data from gpds;
  • iperf-oml2: Iperf with OML2 measurement recording;
  • nmetrics-oml2: node metrics using libsigar;
  • otg2-oml2: the otg2/otr2 programs for generating background traffic;
  • ping-oml2: a simple OML4R wrapper around the system ping tool;
  • ripwavemon-oml2: use OML to monitor the Navini Ripwave WiMAX (kinda) modem;
  • trace-oml2: wrapper around libtrace with OML2 measurement recording;
  • wattsup-oml2: OML-instrumented monitor for WattsUp? power meters
  • wpamon-oml2: simple interface to wpa_supplicant allowing to report 802.11 connections,
  • OpenNTPd
  • httperf