February 5th, 2015

Experimental platforms (or testbeds) are instrumental for the evaluation of new network technologies. In many cases, these testbeds are solely built and used for a specific research project, and are often not maintained, re-used, or shared. This wasteful approach also limits the independent verification of experimental results by the community. This is a cornerstone of the scientific method, and is further hampered by the lack of an unambiguous way to describe an experiment and enable others to repeat it. The cOntrol and Management Framework (OMF) is a suite of management, control, and measurement services and tools for networking testbeds. From a management perspective, OMF provides several software services to access, allocate and manage heterogeneous resources within a testbed. From an experimenter’s perspective, it provides a high level domain-specific language to systematically describe an experiment (i.e. its used resources, its required measurements, and its task to perform), and a set of software tools to automatically deploy and realise this experiment on a given testbed.

Download OMF.