February 16th, 2015

MiniZinc is a modelling language and tool chain for constraint optimisation problems.  It supports high-level modelling features such as global constraints, multi-dimensional arrays, and user-defined predicates and functions.  A MiniZinc model can be compiled for a variety of different backend solving technologies, including constraint programming, SAT/SMT, and mathematical programming solvers.  Version 2.0 of the MiniZinc system is available as an open-source C++ library and comes with a dedicated IDE, tutorial and reference documentation.  The library approach makes it possible to embed optimisation models directly into application software and other programming languages.  We aim to make MiniZinc a de-facto standard for high-level modelling of constrained optimisation problems.

Version: 2.0
URL: website | source
Research unit: Optimisation Platforms