Immersive Analytics

February 13th, 2015

A vital component of any optimisation application is its interface. The end-user needs to be able to understand the answer and have confidence that the system is correct. In many applications they also need to be able to guide and tailor the solution to take account of changed circumstances or criteria that are difficult to formalise a priori.
Effective visualisation and interaction are therefore a core part of a well-designed optimisation application. Immersive analytics is a new research initiative of the Optimisation Research Group. The aims are to develop innovative interfaces and visualisations to support user-guided optimisation in logistics and supply chain applications, energy systems and in social and environmental resilience .

The Immersive Analytics team uses immersive visualisation to present large scale geospatial data changing over time. We make use of immersive visualisation environments such as the CAVE2 facility at Monash and more personal immersive visualisation environments such as ultra high-definition displays and virtual and augmented reality head sets.