February 10th, 2015

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Mapping companies and Road Asset Managers struggle to quickly and cost effectively create accurate inventories of road scene objects, such as road signs and poles.

Companies and authorities that own or maintain assets have a need to perform regular surveys to establish the status of their assets. In the case of assets visible from the road, current best practice is to contract dedicated surveying vehicles equipped with cameras and/or 3D laser scanners that capture raw data.

The surveying process generates huge amounts of images, laser measurements and other data that needs to be analysed to extract important information, for example, geolocating all road signs or creating an inventory of all power poles. Today, this is done manually.

Data61’s Solution

  •  A fast and efficient solution for automatically analysing vast amounts of raw sensory data, significantly reducing the effort needed to create inventories of objects of interest. Current manual processes are much slower, more expensive and error prone.
  • A cost efficient and time effective means of producing highly accurate maps of many objects, using LIDAR point cloud and rich image data sources.


Awards Include

  • CeBIT.AU Early Innovators Award 2010
  • Innovation Award 2009 ACS Canberra ICT Awards



  •  Enriched images using multispectral sensors
  • Improved environment monitoring
  • Improved life span analysis for asset management.


 Industry Engaement

  •  800,000 kilometres of sign data processed in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Map data distributed to over 2 million GPS navigation devices.
  • Sensis – Key Australian Customer. Sign data processed for large portion of Australia and New Zealand. Extensive use of AutoMap data for in-car and online maps.
  • State Road Authorities – Road assets surveyed for maintenance and compliance.
  • TopCon – US Survey system manufacturer. Potential key partner for distribution of AutoMap technology. Joint effort on new software business line for AutoMap.

Visit the AutoMap website for more information.

Download the AutoMap Brochure.