Advanced Data Analytics for Water Solutions

April 24th, 2015

Researcher sitting in water pipe

Critical Water Main Failure Prediction

Data61 provides decision support for owners and maintainers of civil and industrial assets. Sensing, continuous monitoring and advanced data analysis techniques enable asset managers to make more informed maintenance decisions. The Challenge Assets are typically maintained when something goes wrong or according to preventative maintenance schedules. These approaches do not make the best use of […] Read more…

Small pipe leaking

Small Size Pipe Failure Prediction

Drinking water mains are often categorized by water utilities into two categories, reticulation water main (RWM – diameter small than 300mm) and critical water main (CWM – diameter equal to or larger than 300mm, or at critical locations) […] Read more…

Intelligent network operation

Intelligent Network Operation

Data61 is using machine learning based data analytics techniques to generate optimum protocols, including reservoir operational protocols and chemical dosing strategies, to operate the Woronora Water System by reducing the energy cost and improving water quality of the entire network. […] Read more…

people working in sewer pipe

Predictive Analytics for Sewer Corrosion

Sulphide induced corrosion of concrete sewers is a serious problem in wastewater systems worldwide, particularly in countries with a warm climate like Australia. This project proposes a machine learning approach to predictive analysis […] Read more…

Active leakage detection

Active Leakage Detection

Water main failure is one of the major challenges to water utilities’ daily operation and maintenance. In the current practice, water leakage is one of the most important failures. It can be concealed on the buried pipes and progressively become larger […] Read more…

water from tap filling glass

Water Demand Analysis

Water demand analysis is crucial for water utilities to make a financially sustainable plan in terms of water pricing and infrastructure investments. It includes customer segmentation, influencing factor analysis and demand forecasting.  […] Read more…