Data Provenance and Cybersecurity: Research Challenges and Opportunities

Date: December 2, 11 AM – 12 PM AEDT.


Slides: Data61-UQCyber-DataProvenance and Cybersecurity-RyanKo

Guest Speaker: Professor Ryan Ko, University of Queensland, Australia.

Professor Ryan Ko is Chair and Director of Cyber Security at the University of Queensland, Australia. At UQ, he established UQ Cyber – UQ’s interdisciplinary cyber security education programme and research centre. He previously held scientific leadership roles at Hewlett-Packard Labs and the University of Waikato, New Zealand. His research is central to many cloud security, data provenance and SIEM tools across open source (OpenStack, Kali Linux) and industry tools (ArcSight) today. He has published 100+ publications in top venues and has received A$13million in competitive research funding. A Fellow of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and recipient of the (ISC)2 Information Security Leadership Award, he holds a PhD and B.Eng.(Comp. Eng.)(Hons) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is the co-founder of the NZ Cyber Security Challenge, and drafted the NZQA Level 6 Cyber Security qualification as part of the NZ Cyber Security Skills Taskforce (Dept. of Prime Minister and Cabinet).Title:


At the heart of all cyber security attribution challenges is the problem of data provenance tracking and its reconstruction. In this talk, I will cover past, present and developing provenance research in computer science, and cover its relation and usefulness to accountability, traceability, trust, forensics and proactive cyber security. It will feature some of the data provenance research I have conducted in the past decade, discussed unsolved (or seemingly unsolvable) problems, and will discuss some of the recent developments in academia, industry, and international standards.