Cyber gamification

Scientific challenge: How can we transform cyber security education as a service through gamification?

The combination of the cyber security user, usage and usability creates persistent and ongoing problems within technology advances, as a result of the associated threats and risks. Therefore, employees are not only expected to be specialists in their own areas but are also required to have a minimum level of cyber security understanding and expertise, and this expectation adds an additional component of cognitive overload on them. To challenge the current norm of human errors and mistakes being regarded as one of the primary reasons for cyber breaches and attacks, we focus on transforming cyber security education as a service through gamification.

The key challenge is to improve the cyber security culture within organisations and in the wider community, with the aim of transforming cyber security knowledge and skills. Gamification, which is the application of gaming mechanics to non-gaming contexts with the aim of inducing, increasing and retaining digital engagement and motivation, has the potential to raise an organisation’s cyber security posture through targeted cyber security awareness training for different user groups in a cognitive and immersive environment.

The Human Centric Security team aims to change cyber security culture and improve digital users’ cyber security awareness one game at a time. It is developing a toolkit of cyber security game experiences to suit a variety of audiences, from primary school kids to executive decision makers, and general users to more technical users. The team is working on various platforms and prototypes, from traditional cardboard board games to online games and one-player educational applications.

See some of our showcased gamified solutions.

For more information, to collaborate or to request a game demonstration for your organisation, please contact the Human Centric Security team.