Gaming With Cyber Security

Highlight on our Human Centric team project

There is no better way to learn than by adding a bit of fun to the learning process!

In our quest to strengthen cyber security by looking at the impact of human factors, we are changing cyber security culture and improving digital users’ cyber security awareness one game at a time. The Human Centric Security team is developing a toolkit of cyber security game experiences to suit a variety of audiences, from primary school kids to executive decision makers. We are working on various platforms and prototypes, from traditional cardboard board games to online games and one-player educational applications.

Not only is the playing of the games fun, but the development and testing is a great opportunity for team building and collaboration. In past years we have worked with the Victorian Work Placement program to source Year 10 Working Experience students to assist in brainstorming game ideas. We have also had a number of Data61 vacation scholarship students working one developing gaming prototypes (thanks Anthony Tuxford and Alex Nguyen), and a Swinburne student team working on an executive education platform. We also worked closely with the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre and WA’s Office of Digital Government to develop a table top game aimed at raising awareness and encouraging critical thinking in how to prepare for and respond to a ransomware attack (read more on this project here).


Cyber IQ

A multiplayer board game played by 2 to 8 players to test the players’ knowledge on how to protect against and counter potential cyber security incidents.

Gamification for executive decision making

As teams, in which participants played key executive roles, the game fostered discussion about risk, risk-mitigation and compliance considerations in relation to ransomware and critical infrastructure in Australia.

Cyber Circuit

Fun old school style computer game played by one player at a time to increase cyber security knowledge through quiz platforms and asset selections.

Cyber Executive Education Platform

5 minutes a day to boost cyber literacy amongst executive level staff.

For more information watch the interview of Dr Marthie Grobler at Data61 2019 Live Booth:

For more information, to collaborate or to request a games event for your organisation, please contact the Human Centric team.