2018 Cyber Security Summer School

Data61 and DST Group in collaboration with Melbourne partners Deakin University are organising an upcoming cyber security summer school to be held in Melbourne, 12 & 13 February  2018. Over two days, this summer school will feature keynotes by international leaders in the cyber security domain, interspersed with lectures by recognised leaders in the Australian cyber ecosystem. The summer school will emphasise a friendly environment where students can learn from local and international experts. 

Keynote Speakers

Dr Partha Pal Rmail

Dr Partha Pal

BNN Technologies

Prof N Asokan

Aalto University

Bruce Schneier

Prof Bruce Schneier

Security Technologist

Prasant Mohapatra

Prof Prasant Mohapatra


Elisa Bertino

Prof Elisa Bertino

Purdue University