CSIRO Capability and Facilities

The Manufacturing Business Unit has start-of-the-art research laboratories and characterisation facilities that are used in MI R&D and commercial projects. Whether we have customers approaching us to address current corrosion problems that need immediate solutions in their manufacturing process, or developing new technologies from the inception of an idea to a commercial product.

The Corrosion Team at CSIRO Manufacturing consists of scientists, engineers and modelling experts from a broad range of scientific backgrounds that are engaged in multi-disciplinary projects. Our team consists of corrosion experts, chemists, materials scientists, biologists, physicists, electrochemists and metallurgists.

CSIRO capabilities include but are not limited to:

    • Corrosion interests around metals used in AeroSpace (i.e. aviation and space), Rail and Mining, Australian Defence Applications, Energy Domain (i.e. lithium batteries, hydrogen technologies, 3D printed parts), Medical Devices (i.e. 3D printed implantable parts).
    • Chemical synthesis of novel compounds (organic, inorganic and mixed organic/inorganics) for corrosion inhibition evaluation.
    • Chemical, physical and electronic characterisation of these materials (NMR, MS, Elemental Analysis, UV/Visible spectroscopy, GC, HPLC, PESA, CV, DSC/TGA, etc.)
    • Computational modelling of corrosion inhibitor compounds.
    • Optical High-throughput solution screening assays for inhibitors in solution.
    • Electrochemical High-throughput solution screening assays for inhibitors in coatings.
    • Automated electrochemical testing of inhibitors using CSIRO’s FASTER robotic system.
    • Characterisation and analysis of metals and alloys.
    • Characterisation and analysis of inhibitors on surfaces (EDX, SEM, FTIR, Raman, XRD, Microscopy, XPS, XRF, etc.).
    • Accelerated testing of metals and coatings, including Neutral Salt Spray (NSS).
    • Outdoor environmental testing facilities located on-site and locations around Victoria.