CSIRO Manufacturing- Metal Industries

Corrosion Activities

CSIRO has over 20 years of experience with the evaluation of corrosion systems and processes, and in the development of novel corrosion inhibitors. Australia has seen dramatic changes in the manufacturing sector that have been disruptive for some parts of the Metals Industries (MI) Program at CSIRO Manufacturing. In recent years, this has seen us re-evaluate how and who we partner with domestically and globally. During this period we have seen the Australian manufacturing sector build on pre-existing areas and transition to new opportunities. As a result, the MI Program has realigned its focus to meet and address these future challenges in a global market.

The Electrochemical Systems Team within CSIRO’s Metal Industries (MI) Program is a team bringing together staff with expertise in corrosion and corrosion prevention around such areas as; materials design and synthesis, materials processing, computational modelling of materials and interfaces, structure-property relationship studies, high-throughput design & analysis, materials and surface characterisation, surface chemistry, alloy materials and processing, battery electrode and electrolyte materials interaction, corrosion testing and evaluation under standard conditions, and general electrochemistry. We continue to work on commercial and strategic (research-based) projects across Australia and internationally (i.e. performing independent testing, national standards etc.) to investigate and address a variety of the current issues in the field of corrosion and novel inhibitors to develop practical commercial solutions.