Our Vision

Technology need not be considered as an alternative to human labour. While some tasks can and should be automated, in many cases humans and machines work better together than either can alone. 

CSIRO’s Collaborative intelligence (or CINTEL) Future Science Platform develops the science needed to facilitate this collaboration, combining human creativity, adaptability, and values with narrower but powerful artificial intelligence (AI).  

As with all great teams, the best results do not come from simply putting the best AI and human minds together. We must carefully design the systems and processes through which they work, and ensure that the AI complements, rather than substitutes, human intelligence.

Leveraging both human and machine intelligence can build productive future industries with stable, rewarding jobs for Australian workers, ensuring that the benefits of the AI revolution are widely shared https://theconversation.com/whats-the-secret-to-making-sure-ai-doesnt-steal-your-job-work-with-it-not-against-it-172691 

Our Research

Developing the science of human-AI collaboration is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavour, requiring computer, behavioural and social scientists working alongside experts in the domains in which it is being applied.  

Our CINTEL research program focusses on the foundations of human-AI collaboration, which include: 

  • Workflows – where and how are AIs incorporated into a workflow, how are tasks, and relevant information, passed between human and AI collaborators; 
  • Situational awareness – ensuring humans and AIs have the information they need at any given point in a collaborative process, and have a shared understanding of the situation;  
  • Trust – ensuring people have appropriate levels of trust in the AI with which they are working

The CINTEL FSP comprises projects around foundational science and specific use cases across CSIRO’s science domains. The foundational science research questions are applicable across all use cases. Research on them is informed by, and will be evaluated, through the use cases. The CINTEL FSP currently has 10 projects in progress.

The Collaborative Intelligence Future Science Platform (FSP) is a Horizon 3 CSIRO wide research programme. Seven different Research Business Units in CSIRO are involved: Data61, National Collections & Marine Infrastructure (NCMI), Environment, Agriculture and Food (A&F), Space and Astronomy (S&A)Manufacturing and Health and Biosecurity (H&B).  In addition, we are working with CSIRO’s Science Connect team to explore how we can ensure that relevant insights from the RSP are shared with Australian communities.  Finally, we have collaborations with other organisations in the research eco-system, nationally and internationally.

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