EMS Documentation

EMS documentation is organised by its various core functions. Please click on any of the buttons below to download the relevant PDF.

Hydrodynamic Models: SHOC (structured) / COMPAS (unstructured)

SHOC/COMPAS User Guide SHOC Science Guide COMPAS Background Information


Sediment Model

Sediment Model User Guide Sediment Model Science Guide


Optical, Biogeochemical (BGC) and Carbon Chemistry Model

Biogeochemical User Guide Biogeochemical Developers Guide


The Biogeochemical Scientific Description for version B3p0 is published at Geoscientific Model Development which contains an assessment of an eReefs configuration.

For additional details [especially definition of diagnostic variables and simulated observations (true colour, Secchi depth etc.) as well as processes added to the model since 1 January 2020] see the following EMSmanual_afterGMDarticle.

Earlier versions of the Biogeochemical Scientific Description manual can be requested by emailing mark.baird@csiro.au.

Revision History

Revision History

The code can be downloaded from: https://github.com/csiro-coasts/EMS/