First steps to ATOA in CASDA

May 8th, 2024

The CASDA team are proud to announce we have completed work to ingest and serve data from Australia Telescope Online Archive (ATOA). The ATOA is the long running service providing access to data from telescopes operated by the CSIRO as a National Facility: Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), Parkes (spectral line and continuum), and the Long Baseline Array (LBA). New instruments on the telescopes (BIGCAT, Ultra-Wideband Low, CryoPAF) will significantly increase the volume of data produced by the telescopes, and hence we are in the process of migrating the ATOA to CASDA infrastructure to handle the data rate, and this has the benefit of consolidating the ATNF archives into the CSIRO Data Access Portal.

LBA data from 2022 onwards have now been deposited and are available via the Data Access [access the new ATOA search here].

As the CryoPAF and BIGCAT instruments come online late this year (expected in Q4) we will start serving data from Parkes and ATCA also.

We will also progressively migrate the current data in the ATOA to CASDA/DAP infrastructure over the coming months, and provide more updates on that as they become available.

Mopra telescope