High Temperature Chemistry

High temperature experimental thermodynamics & property measurement

Laboratory studies are absolutely essential to understanding fundamental phenomena in new processes and critical for supplying key data when none exist.

The High Temperature Chemistry team has a unique capability of laboratory equipment, ranging in scale from a few hundred milligram to a few hundred kilogram. Researchers have detailed knowledge of the physio-chemistry of high temperature systems with direct application to smelting and refining of metals, material processing and waste treatment.

Multi-Phase Equilibrium (MPE)  – Process modelling software

Multi-Phase Equilibrium (MPE) is a software developed by CSIRO using the CALPHAD method for the calculation of multiphase equilibrium in high temperature base metal production systems. It can be used for modelling ferrous and nonferrous smelting processes to improve understanding, diagnose problems and optimization.

Multi scale processing of molten materials

The processing of molten materials is an integral stage in base and ferrous metal production. CSIRO has well-resourced facilities and technical skills to investigate, evaluate and improve the processing of materials at high temperatures. This capacity is complemented by CSIRO- developed software for
thermodynamic, kinetic and process modelling of high temperature processes.

Leading the team, Michael Somerville

Michael Somerville has more than 30 years of experience in the Pyrometallurgical Research.

This experience has been primarily focused on industrial research to improve the environmental and technical performance of pyrometallurgical processes.  As needed the work has included small scale fundamental thermodynamic and kinetic investigations (5-10 grams) into slag/metal/gas systems, bench scale investigations (1-2 kilogram) into the feasibility of high temperature chemical processes and pilot scale top submerged lance type investigations (250 kilogram) into novel high temperature industrial processes such as e-waste smelting, value recovery from waste and residue materials and continuous copper converting and smelting.

Michael is presently Principal Research Consultant and Team Leader of the High Temperature Chemistry team.

Michael Somerville

Team Leader