The CSIRO Carbon Steel Materials Group has over 20 years of experience working with the iron ore industry in Australia and around the world. The Group has world-class capability in ore characterisation, beneficiation, sintering, pelletising, and blast furnace burden evaluation, and offers a comprehensive range of evaluation techniques based on the latest research — all in one place.

We work with the Australian iron ore industry to:

  • Gain customer acceptance for increasingly complex and lower grade ores;
  • Develop textural classification schemes and analysis software to inform and streamline the iron ore value chain, and
  • Unlock the benefits of $400m to $5b for Australia, with a benefit-cost ratio of between 6.6:1 and 94.6:1, and a mid-range of 40.4:1.

A range of test facilities from laboratories to pilot-scale plants enables the Group to provide support across the value and execution chains.  We offer support across the value chain using a wide range of tools and techniques to drive efficiency, productivity, and value creation for partners.

Ranging from analytical input to designing the most effective testing campaigns and undertaking testing at lab-scale and pilot-scale. The Group is readily able to complete feasibility testing through to pilot-scale sinter performance tests tailored to the day-to-day reality of our partners. The Group has facilities and capabilities targeting both laboratory and pilot scale, with a breadth of experience, capability, and expertise to support our Clients’ efficiency and productivity improvement, value enhancement, and cost reduction.