• SPINdle: A flexible open source Defeasible Logic Engine. SPINdle is used to carry out the normative reasoning to determine what obligations (or other normative effects) are in force, and for what tasks, in a business process.
  • Regorous Editor: A web based rule set editor for drafting regulations and their formalisation in PCL (Process Compliance Logic).
  • Regorous Process Designer and Compliance Checker. The Process Designer and Compliance Checker allow users to model business processes in standard BPMN notation, annotate them, and check their compliance against rule sets created with the Regorous Editor. The Process Designer and Compliance Checker are available, upon registration from the Regorous Web Site under an evaluation license.
  • RuleRS:┬áRule-based Reporting systems (RuleRS) integrates databases, in particular relational databases, with a logic reasoner and rule engine to assist in decision making or create reports according to legal norms.