Step 5: Tools training

Step 5: Tools training

During the Step 1 decision-making case studies, and in Step 4 pilot planning a key information gap identified by decision-makers was land and sea use plans to inform resource owners’ decision-making in LLGs. While all LLGs have development plans, none have translated these into spatial plans. Step 5 Tools training was designed to create land and sea use planning tools, and to enhance the skills amongst decision-makers to apply them. One 2½ day training workshop was held in each province, and targeted all LLG Managers, District Government officers and other local stakeholders. The workshops involved five sessions:

  • Session 1: Introduction to data and maps (values maps, population projections, food security projections, conservation priorities, physical and conservation constraints to development, visions and scenarios from Step 4)
  • Session 2: 2050 vision statement for the LLG
  • Session 3: Strategies to reach the 2050 vision
  • Session 4: Define land and sea use zones to implement the strategies (e.g. food security zone, fisheries zone, marine and terrestrial conservation zones)
  • Session 5: Map land and sea use zones for LLGs
  • Session 6: Identify conflict zones and mitigation strategies

The LLG land and sea use plans also referred directly to the SDGs, and report cards were produced for each LLG to summarise progress towards specific SDGs in ENB (Lipsett-Moore 2017a) and WNB (Lipsett-Moore 2017b). In addition, a 3D map was produced by communities at the University of Natural Resources and Environment at Vudal, ENB, to support local decision-making around oil palm and conservation in Inland Baining LLG. Training was carried out in Port Moresby with CEPA, the Climate Change and Development Authority and the Coastal Fisheries Development Agency on ELVIS and the application of the values database to conduct Environmental Impact Assessments.

A draft land and sea use plan for Lassul Baining LLG, ENB

The 3D model produced by communities in Inland Baining LLG, ENB, to support local decision-making for oil palm development and coastal conservation (Photo: Tom Greenwood)