Genomic innovation to understand durable disease resistance in cereals



Thursday 20th February 2020



Simon Krattinger, Assistant Professor Plant Science, Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology



Most cereals are colonized by rust fungi, which are pathogens of major significance for global agriculture. The most sustainable and most economical strategy to limit yield losses caused by rusts is by utilizing genetic resistance. The cloning of disease resistance genes in wheat and barley however has been hampered by the large and repeat-rich genomes of these cereal plant species. In my talk, I will highlight recent developments in the field of wheat and barley genomics and their implications for gene cloning. I will further highlight recent insights into the genetic and molecular function of quantitative host and non-host resistance against cereal rusts.


About the speaker

​Professor Krattinger’s research focuses on cereal genomics and plant-pathogen interactions. His group develops novel genomic approaches to unravel the genetic and molecular basis of stress adaptation in cereals, with a particular interest in the perception, signaling and response to fungal pathogens in wheat.

Cereal crop plants such as wheat, rice, maize and barley are of paramount importance to ensure global food security. Disturbances caused by pathogens, pests and adverse climatic conditions pose a constant threat to cereal production. However, our current knowledge of the fundamental molecular processes that make certain cereal plants resilient to these stresses is still limited. Research on the genetic and molecular basis of stress perception, signaling and adaptation is therefore of uttermost relevance but also of great scientific interest.

An important aspect of our work consists in the translation of basic knowledge into breeding, with the ultimate aim to develop highly resistant crop cultivars.


This is a public seminar.

Open-access to The CSIRO Discovery Theatre @ Black Mountain


Time and Venues

Venues Local Time
Adelaide Waite Campus – B101-FG-R00-BoardWICWest 12:00 pm
Armidale – B55-FG-R00-Small 12:30 pm
Bribie Island – B01-FG-R00-Small 12:30 pm
Brisbane St Lucia QBP – Rooms 5.281 and 2.234 11:30 am
Canberra Black Mountain – Discovery Lecture Theatre 12:30 pm
Irymple – B14-FG-R03 12:30 pm
Narrabri – Conference Room 12:30 pm
Perth Floreat B40-F1-R46-Rossiter Room 09:30 am
Sandy Bay (Hobart) – B2-F1-R24 River View Room 12:30 pm
Toowoomba – BD-FG-R00 Media Lab 11:30 am
Townsville – Meeting Room 145-231 (see Liz Do) 11:30 am
Werribee (Melbourne) – B02-FG-RG53 12:30 pm