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CSIRO Agriculture & Food Open Day

The yearly CSIRO Agriculture  & Food Open Day showcases our research to science and agriculture students and inform them about learning opportunities at CSIRO.

The next event will take place on Friday 13th October 2017 at the Discovery Lecture Theatre in Black Mountain.

Please email if you would like to attend to both or one of the sessions.

Morning Talks

Start End Duration Speaker Title
8:45 8:55 10 Students/audience Arrival
8:55 9:00 5 G. Estavillo/A.Merchant Introduction and housekeeping
9:00 9:15 15 Cathrine Ingvordsen Monster wheat, an approach to beat weed – and why you want to work in agriculture
9:15 9:30 15 Phil Larkin Kebari – the world’s first gluten free barley
9:30 9:45 15 Susie Sprague Have your crop and eat it too!
9:45 10:00 15  Kyle Reynolds Producing oils in vegetative tissues of plants
10:00 10:10 10 Gill Lunniss STEM Professionals in Schools
Shannon Dillon Summer Student program
10:10 11:00 50 Break
11:00 11:15 15 Kathy Dibley Fungal pathogen-proof crops of the future
11:15 11:30 15 Maddie Mitchell Novel synthetic plant fibres
11:30 11:45 15  Rob Allen Developing fertilizer free crops
11:45 12:00 15  Richard James Measuring stomatal conductance from a helicopter to improve wheat yields

Field visit

We will have a visit to our Ginnindera Experimental Station (GES). The tentative programme is below.

  • 2:00 pm: visitors arrive to main gate, Bruce Isaac to provide site induction
  • Visitors walk/drive to HRPPC shed. Mobility will depend on road conditions and vehicle.
  • 2:15 – 2:45: Xavier Sirault meets the delegation at HRPPC shed and summarizes the phenotyping capabilities; polytunnel experiment, etc.
  • 2:45 – 3:15: Visit the “Height” trial. Tony Condon/Gonzalo Estavillo to explain the “Height” trial; light bars; Ram Ghimire to demonstrate Phenolite.
  • 3:15 – 4:15: Shannon Dillon explains her “Historic Lines” trial
  • 4:15: visitors leave

Important information about visit to GES

  • All visitors names to be provided to prior to visit.
  • Visitors are expected to make their own travel arrangements. Address: 1147 Barton Hwy, Canberra.
  • All visitors need to be present at for the site induction session at 2 pm in order to enter GES.
  • We will walk to experimental plots which are 300-500 m from entrance.
  • Visitor group to wear covered footwear and to also be prepared for warmer weather (i.e. hats, sun protection, water bottle).
  • Bathrooms are only available at workshop and office area, but not where we are going to be (CR2 and HRPPC shed).
  • It would be worth getting visitors to use amenities at Black Mountain prior to leaving for GES.
  • Be aware of wildlife – particularly snakes
  • Shut any gates that are entered (although there should be no need to enter any paddocks through gates)


The objective of this survey is to understand what effect this event has had on your perception of CSIRO as training ground for young scientists and/or it it has event opened new opportunities for you.

Please answer the following questions: