29/07/2019 – Zhejiang Uni

On Monday 29th of July, 2019, we hosted a delegation of undergraduate students from Zhejiang University (China) led by Professor Fei Dai and Professor Xueren Yin. The students were mainly from three disciplines, eg. Horticulture, agronomy, and applied biotechnology but they are also interested in food security, supply chain, digital agriculture, etc.


Start End Duration Speaker Title
8:45 9:00 15 Delegation arrives
9:00 9:30 30 G. Estavillo Agriculture & Food, Photosynthesis Team; Screening photosynthetic traits in wheat
9:30 9:45 15 Jing Zhang High Leaf Oil plantsIntroduction and housekeeping
9:45 10:00 15 Pieter Hendriks The role of root architecture and associated rhizosphere interactions in breeding for weed competitive wheat cultivars
10:00 10:45 45 Break morning tea at Synergy or Disco; interact with visitors; know more what you are doing!
10:45 11:00 15 Yoko Kennedy Digital droplet PCR
11:00 11:15 15 Zhongyi Li Cereal grains for health
11:15 11:30 15 Manny Delhaize Root architecture and the rhizosphere
11:30 11:45 15 Zhuanyun Si Characterising wheat lines with contrasting root morphologies
11:45 12:00 15 Srinivas Belide Efficient production and evaluation of transgenic Sorghum for biosynthesis of oil in vegetative tissues
12:00 12:45 Srinivas/Gonzalo Visit to tissue culture area and labs, Synergy Building (Srinivas, Gonzalo). Divided into two groups
12:45 14:00 1h15 LUNCH At Discovery Cafe
14:00 15:00 60 Xavier Sirault Visit to High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre, the Canberra node of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility
15:20 16:30 50 Jamie Scarrow Visit to our Ginninderra Experimental Station. Will look at field phenotyping tools and few wheat trials

The day in photos


Delegation attends talks at Stringybark room in Building 801, Synergy.

Students visit tissue culture lab

Students visit tissue culture lab at Synergy building hosted by Dr Srinivas Belide.

In tissue culture facility

Dr Srinivas Belide explains the procedure of producing plants by tissue culture.

Students at HRPPC

Student delegation at High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre.

Phenomobile at GES

Mr Jamie Scarrow from HRPPC demonstrates the use of the PhenomobileLite for high-throughput phenotyping of plant traits at our experimental farm in Ginnindera, Canberra.


The objective of this survey is to understand what effect this event has had on your perception of CSIRO as training ground for young scientists and/or it it has event opened new opportunities for you.

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