A microscopy shot of microalgae, which show up green against a dark background.

Microalgae have the potential to provide efficient, environmentally friendly bioproduction processes. Can they help solve plastic pollution?

The sun is setting over a beautiful bay, the light catches a jetty leading out to a small wharf where some small boats are moored. The sky is blue with a few fluffy clouds.

Entering into cross-cultural dialogue with Indigenous Australians about novel biotechnologies.

A white, organic, hard-looking lattice formed over a dark, rock-like surface against a black background.

Co-funded by AEB and CarbonLock FSPs, this project looks at mimicking natural processes to speed-up carbon capture.

A person's hand holds a dropper from a bio-reactive COVID-19 test, preparing to release the liquid into the container. The test sits on a textured wooden surface and the test packaging rests in the background.

Decision-making and trade-offs in the adoption of novel personalised health innovations.

High-throughput and automated biosensor design using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A platform for functional prediction and validation of undiscovered secondary metabolites in Actinobacteria.

Understanding economic opportunities for advanced engineering biology in the transition towards net zero.

Creating new advanced engineering biology platforms to enhance protein production in yeast.

What institutional aspects need to be considered when introducing advanced bioengineering solutions in agriculture?

Informing decision making for algae-based processes through a technoeconomic framework.