AEB FSP Launch Webinar: stream our wide-ranging discussion on the future of engineering biology 

The Advanced Engineering Biology Future Science Platform (AEB FSP) was officially launched with a webinar featuring international panellists.

The Advanced Engineering Biology Future Science Platform (AEB FSP) was officially launched with a webinar on June 7, 2023. Capturing the attention of over 200 attendees, the event brought together a distinguished panel featuring Ronnie Guha from Google, Kathryn Brink from BioMADE in the US, and Rebecca Doolan from the Australian Government’s Critical Technologies Hub.  

The introduction was delivered by CSIRO Deputy Chief Scientist, Dr Jill Freyne, who said Australia has an opportunity to position itself as a world leader in the rapidly expanding biotechnology sector.  

“The Advanced Engineering Biology FSP is about unlocking the transformative potential of engineering biology to underpin transitions to new industries, enable circular economies, and realise vast benefits for society and the environment,” she said. 

Unlocking Australia’s bioeconomy 

Unveiled as part of CSIRO’s commitment to cutting-edge research through its Future Science Platforms, the AEB FSP aims to drive a step-change in biotechnology. The AEB FSP represents a $25 million investment over five years to do transformative science for the benefit of all Australians, while contributing to a growing international community of practice.  

Attendees were offered insights into the platform’s portfolio of research, which focuses on new biomanufacturing capabilities, as well as developing the very technologies that underpin engineering biology, to make it faster, more predictable, and higher performing. They also learned about ongoing research into public expectations, attitudes, and perceptions, to help guide the responsible development of biotechnology. 

Transformative new research 

The webinar provided an overview of the AEB FSP’s commitment to delivering new technologies that accelerate sustainable outcomes for society, environments, and industries. Dr Robert Speight’s opening remarks highlighted opportunities for tackling major challenges across environment and climate, food and agriculture, and health and medicine.  

From sustainable biofuels to disease-resistant crops and future proteins – CSIRO is investing $25 million to drive innovation in biotechnology. Here Dr Robert Speight, Director of CSIRO’s Advanced Engineering Biology Future Science Platform (AEB FSP), explains the transformative potential of engineering biology.

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He said that the research carried out by the AEB FSP over the next four years will also interface with other fast-advancing fields, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).  

“AI is transforming what we do, making the design of new biotechnologies faster and more predictable than ever before,” Dr Speight said. 

Global perspectives 

International collaboration was a key highlight, with speakers from Google, BioMADE, and the Australian Government. Panellists considered the global significance of advancing engineering biology and addressing the challenges that hinder innovation. Kathryn Brink from BioMADE brought fascinating insights from the US context to the table.  

The launch webinar not only marked the beginning of an exciting era in advanced engineering biology but also invited attendees to be part of the journey. Looking ahead, the AEB FSP has established an exciting and diverse array of research projects which will help pave the way for a sustainable and impactful biofuture. 

You can now watch the full webinar here.