Target 2023 Workshop: Improve your geological logging with geochemical and hyperspectral data

February 22nd, 2023

Target 2023 conference: Targeting for a New Era of Discovery

Image of Data Mosaic software

CSIRO will be running a series of mineral exploration workshops at the Target 2023 conference in Perth, Western Australia this year including one which aims to give you the fundamental tools and knowledge to improve your geological logging by incorporating geochemical and mineralogical data.

This one-day course features a mixture of theory and tutorials and will cover:

  1. Incorporating geochemistry into geological logging;
  2. Spectral mineralogy for drill core using HyLogger-3 data; and,
  3. Multiscale analysis and domaining of drill hole data.

The course will feature several data analysis tools including TSG (The Spectral Geologist), ioGas and Data Mosaic (multivariate wavelet tessellation).

The Target 2023 conference will be held at the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, Perth, Australia on 28 July 2023 following the 6ias.