UltraFine+® Next Gen

Providing the next generation analytical tools for soil exploration

Greenfields mineral exploration in transported cover is often hindered by a failure to detect, understand, and evaluate near surface geochemical anomalies. The Next Gen Analytics research project combines the UltraFine+® soil analysis method with high quality spatial data, creating machine learning-derived, first-pass data products to make a step change for the industry.

Developed by CSIRO, LabWest and 30 industry sponsors as part of the MRIWA M462a Project 2020-2023.

The UltraFine+® Next Gen Analytics research project was conducted by CSIRO in collaboration with over 30 industry sponsors and state geological surveys. The project goal is to facilitate a paradigm shift for precious, base and critical metals exploration in Australia by combining UltraFine+® soil analyses methods with intelligent data integration tools, adding value to routine soil sampling in frontline exploration and shaping mineral exploration approaches for decades. 

The UltraFine+(R) Next Gen Analytics project’s site locations (as of August 2022; Click image to view the live version).

It has been common practice to use soil geochemistry in mineral exploration with little regard for soil parameters or landform settings and how these relate to buried mineralisation. The UltraFine+® Next Gen Analytics research addresses this challenge by delivering an analytical refinement of the UltraFine+® soil analysis method and by adding relevant mineral proxies via spectral mineralogy and soil properties pH, EC and particle size distribution to the workflow and interpretation. UltraFine+® Next Gen Analytics uses machine learning approaches to integrate these soil parameters with spatial data and regolith landscape models. This improves our ability to identify targets and false positives as well as understand the spatial variance and influence of regolith types. With the development of a robust set of measurable parameters and new data products to fully assess underappreciated soil properties, UltraFine+® Next Gen Analytics provides the next generation analytical tools for mineral explorers to make qualified decisions on when and where to explore further. The overall aim with this project is to simplify and accelerate the ability of explorers to review their data and go from assessing geochemical surveys to discovery or moving on with confidence that they haven’t missed an opportunity.

More information is coming soon.