Who we are

The TAPPAS team brings together researchers and organisations in a multidisciplinary partnership, combining the expertise needed to address the complex issues involved when tracking the movement of organisms and particles over long distances by wind.

Working with this established team provides access to expertise in biosecurity research and risk prevention, to comprehensive weather data and modelling systems and to world leading software capability. Please join with us to expand the benefits of TAPPAS and achieve global solutions to biosecurity, health and environmental issues.

CSIRO Health and Biosecurity

We focus on major national and international challenges in health and biosecurity – to give Australia a sustainable, prepared and responsive one-Health system.

Australia’s enviable health and biosecurity system is increasingly under threat through growing global connections, change and social complexities which collectively bring acute health and biosecurity challenges for our people, agriculture and food industries, the environment, and healthcare systems.

We work with CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) in addressing these challenges under the banner of one-Health – the integration of multiple disciplines working to achieve optimal health for people, animals, plants, the economy and environment.

Overall, we aim for a one-Health system that is sustainable, pre-emptive, responsive, resilient, and based on cutting edge informatics, surveillance, and new technologies for integrated services and responses.

Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau of Meteorology is Australia’s national provider of weather, climate, water, ocean and space weather information. We have been the nation’s definitive source of environmental intelligence for more than 100 years. The Bureau delivers one of the most trusted, fundamental, popular and widely used government services. Our forecasts, warnings, information and advice enable Australians to best manage the impacts of the natural environment on their everyday lives. Our expert environmental intelligence is essential for the safety, sustainability, security, well-being and prosperity of all Australians.


Intersect is a not-for-profit organisation with member universities and institutions in NSW and the ACT. Intersect is a pivotal part of Australian research infrastructure, providing robust, innovative and collaborative technology to support world-class research by members and other research organisations. Intersect offers a track record of over 100 successful research software engineering projects. We deliver storage and analysis platforms, research support, software engineering, expert consultancy and training programs to thousands of researchers every year.