Synthetic Biology Postdoctoral Position – University of Florida

March 2nd, 2020

A Synthetic Biology postdoc position is open in the Hanson group

We are applying synthetic biology to engineer plant and microbial metabolism. Our research aims for utility to agriculture and the bioeconomy (PMID: 31740769). Ongoing projects include:

  • Directed evolution e.g. via the E. coli EvolvR and yeast OrthoRep systems to build more energy-efficient versions of the thiamin synthesis enzyme THI4 (PMID:30337452)
  • Directed evolution to extend the life of enzymes so as to cut the energy cost of replacing them
  • Developing new-to-nature synthetic pathways that benefit agriculture and the environment

We work extensively with groups at UF & other US/European institutions. These groups include synthetic biologists, metabolic engineers, computational biochemists, and plant biochemists.

The position involves contributing to lab management, e.g. ordering, coordinating routine tasks.


  • PhD degree in biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, biotechnology, or related discipline
  • Proven organizational, time-management, and communication skills (oral and written)
  • Experience with E. coli and preferably also yeast as genetic and metabolic platforms
  • Strong interest in applying synthetic biology to metabolic engineering and in plants

Starting salary: $47,476/year.  Fringe benefits include health insurance.

To apply: Please send CV and the contact information for 3 references to