What the National Synthetic Biology Roadmap means for Australian manufacturing

October 28th, 2021

How will the future of advanced manufacturing be fuelled by synthetic biology?

CSIRO’s Land and Water Science Director, Dr Paul Bertsch.

CSIRO’s Land and Water Science Director, Dr Paul Bertsch spoke to Manufacturers’ Monthly on the recently released CSIRO Futures report, A National Synthetic Biology Roadmap: Identifying commercial and economic opportunities for Australia

Paul discussed the potential of synthetic biology and how it is expected to transform advanced biomanufacturing in Australia by the year 2040.

The roadmap outlines that Australia has been identified by leading biomanufacturers as a prime location for biomanufacturing with ready access to emerging markets.   

Australia is well positioned to become a major producer for the emerging markets where the Australian brand is highly trusted and equated with outstanding quality. These opportunities are emerging very quickly and we must seize the opportunity now to realise the economic, social, and environmental benefits that these opportunities are presenting.

Dr Paul Bertsch

You can read the full interview with Paul over at Manufacturers’ Monthly.