GeCKO platform for mosquito-borne viruses

We are using advanced genome engineering technology to understand how mosquitoes are able to harbor viruses.

Project title: Development of Genome wide CRISPR Knock-Out (GeCKO) platform capabilities for mosquito-borne viruses

Application Domain: Health & Medicine

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The challenge

Mosquitoes are a major vector for many diseases that cause a significant health burden worldwide, particularly in the developing world. These diseases include malaria, dengue, chikungunya, zika and yellow fever. Mosquitos capable of spreading some of these diseases have been found in northern Australia.

Currently, mosquito-borne diseases are controlled by spraying to reduce mosquito numbers, the use of insecticidal nets, and other protective measures such as use of insect repellants and protective clothing. For many mosquito-borne viruses there are no vaccines available.

Our response

Using advanced genome engineering technology to better understand how the mosquitoes are able to harbor these viruses, we will be able to develop key technology to reduce viral loads and the impact on human health.


This research has the potential to deliver human health and economic benefits by reducing the impact of mosquito borne diseases around the world.


Daniel Layton (Project Leader – CSIRO), Andy Sheppard, Kostlend Mara, Andrew Bean, Prasad Paradkar, Denis Bauer, Laurence Wilson (CSIRO) and Luis Malaver Ortega (Monash/UQ/CSIRO).