Maximising Impact

Application Domain Leader: Aditi Mankad

Our mission is to provide early and ongoing insights into critical social, economic and environmental (triple-bottom line) issues that may affect the direction, development and implementation of synthetic biology. These insights may be used by policymakers, private funders, research and communication agencies to shape, support and/or frame synthetic biology applications in ways that increase the likelihood that these areas of science will have positive real-world impacts when applications are eventually implemented. The Maximising Impact application domain is a ‘platform’ or ‘enabling’ capability within the Future Science Platform, harnessing experienced capability to investigate key social, institutional and ethical considerations associated with different technological approaches and applications.

The MI domain works at several scales (individual and institutional) and across a range of sectors (research, industry, regulatory, government, civil society). We apply a range of methodologies from multiple disciplines in the humanities, social and behavioural sciences. We have a dual goal of pursuing cutting edge science while working towards science integration. From the outset, MI has applied an interdisciplinary approach to defining analytical frameworks and processes collaboratively. This approach aligns with our goal of science integration.



  1. Mapping of industry, government and research stakeholders in SynBio science case studies
  2. Multidimensional understanding of public values, acceptance and risk-related decision-making: A baseline survey


  1. Understanding stakeholder and public perceptions of synthetic biology solutions to environmental problems in Australia using a place-based approach
  2. Synthetic Biology and Intellectual Property in Australia
  3. Global Regulation of access and benefit-sharing of genetic resources for synthetic biology (commencing Nov 2019)

To commence

  1. An application of Indigenous biocultural knowledge and values in synthetic biology (CERC Fellow, TBA)
  2. An economic framework for assessing investments in synthetic biology