SynBio FSP PhD Top-up Scholarships awarded

January 31st, 2018

Congratulations to the recipients of the SynBio FSP PhD Top-up scholarships. Projects represent an exciting range of research across the FSP's Domains.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded a SynBio FSP PhD Top-up Scholarship. The recipients’ projects represent an exciting range of research across the FSP’s Domains:

Alexander Carpenter – Macquarie University
Development of platform technologies for metabolic engineering via directed evolution

Li Chen Cheah – University of Queensland
Artificial cell compartments for yeast metabolic engineering

Dennis Diaz – Macquarie University
Protein nanoparticles for the localised and controlled delivery of drugs

Monica Espinosa Gomez – Macquarie University
Yeast Methylotrophy as a New Production Platform

Marcos Hamborg Vinde – University of Queensland & Tianjin University
Novel terpene based agrochemicals – smart agricultural applications of strigolactones

Kurt Harris – University of Queensland
A thermostable fatty acid hydroxylase for industrial biopolymer production

Dominic Logel – Macquarie University
Domesticating WO phage as a controllable transformation vector for Wolbachia engineering

Dylan Moss – University of Western Australia
Development of Expandable Artificial Plant Chromosome in the Moss Physcomitrella patens

Jake Parker – University of Queensland
Computational re-engineering and high-throughput screening of antibody fragments for use in synthetic protein switches

Nadia Rajab – University of Melbourne
Designer macrophages for probing novel regulatory networks and therapies for neurodegerative disease

Rebecca Wood – University of Queensland
Exploring Strigolactone diversity through metabolic engineering.