Environomics Future Science Platform – 2019 Call for Projects

September 12th, 2019

The Environomics Future Science Platform (FSP) is calling for projects that will “push the limits of what’s possible at the intersection of genomics and environmental science”.

Applications are now open.

The Environomics FSP is a cross-Business Unit initiative capitalising on the genomic technology revolution to reinvent how we measure ecosystem health, change and threats, and find new resources in nature. Its mission is to provide capability to solve a range of domestic and global challenges across multiple domains including the environment, biodiversity, biosecurity, health and primary production, supporting CSIRO Business Units to generate new business.

Current projects bring together diverse expertise in molecular biology, ecology, and big data science from across CSIRO, the university sector and industry to develop new future genomics technology and people capability.

Future Science Projects
Australia’s natural environment is hugely valuable, but maintaining this resource is challenging because the conventional tools available to understand, monitor and respond to its needs rarely offer sufficient detail, scalability and speed for decision makers.

The FSP is seeking projects with a focus on new enabling genomic (or other ‘omic) technologies or knowhow that will promote more effective natural resource management in Australia and elsewhere. This could be new devices, laboratory techniques and workflows, framework datasets, or bioinformatic tools. It could also be the identification of new natural resources, or new techniques for taking advantage of them (bioprospecting).

End user and beneficiary engagement is key to the FSP’s impact: successful project applications will also feature activities for sharing knowledge within and external to CSIRO, and for interacting with end users.

Funding will be available until 30 June 2022.

Details on how to apply are available on Confluence at 2019 Environomics Project Call <CSIRO intranet link>.

Applications will be received until 5 pm AEST Monday 16 September 2019. Gaining the support of collaborating Business Units and other Future Science Platforms, as well as any external collaborators, is an important step prior to submission; please make sure you allow enough time.

For further information please contact the Environomics FSP Leader, Dr Olly Berry <CSIRO intranet link>.