Future Science Fellows

The CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science Fellowships are partnerships between CSIRO and an Australian research institution.

Fatwa Adikusuma – The University of Adelaide
Developing novel strategies for highly efficient CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing therapy

Apostolos (Lee) Alissandratos – Australian National University
Synthetic biology devices for streamlined nucleic acid amplification and detection at point-of-care

James Behrendorff – Queensland University of Technology
Recapturing lost crop value: multifaceted synthetic biology for next-generation lignin valorisation

Melanie Carmody – Australian National University
Optimising ROS/redox-sensitive, reversible bioswitches as tools for transient on-demand monitoring and control of biosystems

Michele Fabris –  University of Technology Sydney, Climate Change Cluster (C3)
A synthetic diatom mini-chromosome for specialised synthetic biology functions in microalgae

Elliot Gerrard – Monash University
Optogenetic platforms and optical regulation of Oct4: light-controlled reprogramming

Nan Hao – University of Adelaide
Developing orthogonal Cas/anti-Cas pairs as building blocks for genetic circuit design

Suvi Honkanen – University of Western Australia, ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology
Engineering synthetic pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins as on/off switches for chloroplast protein translation

Brendan Kidd – University of Western Australia
Development of novel transcriptional regulators and synthetic logic gates for sophisticated control of plant activity and production

Briardo Llorente – Macquarie University
Synthebiont: Travelling back in time to the origin of photosynthetic eukaryotes

Maciej Maselko – Macquarie University
Development of synthetic speciation platform in mosquitoes for population replacement and genetic biocontrol

Laura Navone – Queensland University of Technology
Yeast Protein Tracker: A real-time ratiometric intracellular sensor for recombinant protein production in Pichia pastoris

Bingyin Peng – The University of Queensland
Deploy regulatory network engineering for advanced yeast biorefinery

Nina Pollak – University of the Sunshine Coast
Tissue engineered multicellular structures for aquatic detoxification

Tara Richman – University of Western Australia
Synthetic biology approaches to engineer mitochondrial genomes and transcriptomes for improved energy production and therapies

Frank Sainsbury – Griffith University
DNA-templated virus-unlike particles

Tom Weber – The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
TICKER: a cellular recorder for longitudinal patient monitoring

Karen Weynberg – The University of Queensland
Engineering bacteriophages and establishment of a phage therapy platform for targeted and effective control of bacterial biofilms

Jason Whitfield – The University of Queensland
Modular protein biosensors of secondary metabolites

Matthew Wilding – Australian National University
Engineering Orthogonal Translation Machinery

Thomas Williams – Macquarie University
From one to many: Synthetic yeast chassis for C1 metabolism

Daniel Winter – University of New South Wales
Modular protein logic gates: a platform for the design of smart nanodevices

Marianne Costa – University of Western Australia
An acyltransferase-based Betaproteobacteria synthetic biology platform for the creation of novel bioactive polyketides

Diep Ganguly – The Australian National University
Untapped potential: Developing Synthetic BioCapacitors to Regulate mRNA stability and protein translation

Richard Lobb – The University of Queensland
Engineering therapeutic cells for pan-cancer diagnosis and eradication

Michelle Rourke – Griffith University
Negotiating the Global Regulation of Access and Benefit-Sharing Genetic Resources for Synthetic Biology