Think Tank 2019

April 27th, 2020


A ‘Think Tank’ was hosted in August 2019 as part of Sydney Science Park’s CSIRO Urban Living Lab to provide input from a range of stakeholders on what was needed and possible to transform urban developments from “Business as Usual” to a new paradigm of producing urban areas ready for the 22nd century. The Think Tank was organised by CSIRO and Celestino. The Think Tank day focused on workshopping project concepts that address key urban challenges in five areas:

|  Health  |  Energy  |  Water  |  Waste  |  Urban heat islands  |


Participants (totalling 86) included local and state government, leading engineering firms, renewable energy companies, technology businesses, finance companies, emergency services, high schools, universities, planners, researchers and industry bodies.

Outputs from the Think Tank are now being progressed towards active projects. If you are interested to collaborate in these challenge areas, or if you would like to receive a copy of the ‘Think Tank’ Report, please email to

Further commentary on the Think Tank is available from the Celestino Website