In the heart of Western Sydney, we’re helping to create a smarter, more sustainable city.

Sydney Science Park is a 280 hectare mixed use greenfield development in Western Sydney. It’s set to become one of the largest centres of research and development in Australia.

We’re working in partnership with Celestino, to challenge business-as-usual urban development by helping to build a city that is fit for the future. For instance, our research into new ways of integrating renewable energy and storage will lead to cheaper, sustainable and more resilient future energy systems.

What is an Urban Living Lab and what are its benefits?

Urban Living Labs bring together local community expertise with trusted scientific expertise to try new ways of doing things and measure whether they work or not.  Urban Living Labs operate in a real place and experiment on locally relevant issues that produce real and robust outcomes. For example, understanding the local climate, water and nutrient needs for growing trees and plants, and developing with government and community, new ways to recycle water and nutrients to grow food locally.

CSIRO is uniquely positioned to enable cross-sector experimentation and learning. Each year, we partner with 3000+ organisations across 80 countries. We bring these extensive innovation networks and capacity to Sydney to work locally with people.

The key outcomes of the Sydney Science Park CSIRO Urban Living Lab will be measurable improvements in liveability, sustainability and resilience. We will take what we learn from the Sydney Science Park and use it to inform products and services for other Australian cities. It’s all part of our work on Future Cities.