SKA Jobs

Dish antennas on the LHS of the image, plus Christmas- tree-shaped antennas on the RHS of the image, under the night sky
Artist's impression of the SKA telescopes, combining photos of real hardware already on both sites, with artist's impressions of future SKA antennas. From left: artist's impression of the future SKA dishes blend into the existing precursor MeerKAT telescope dishes in South Africa. From right: artist's impression of the future SKA-Low stations blends into the existing prototype antennas at CSIRO's MRO. Credit: SKAO, CSIRO, ICRAR and SARAO

Join us on team SKA with one of the wide variety of SKA jobs we have currently advertised.

As Australia’s national science agency, we work across many areas of the SKA project.

  • We are the SKAO’s operations partner for SKA-Low.
  • We manage the MRO where SKA-Low will be constructed.
  • Our teams are working towards SKA technology and construction.

Our team includes a wide variety of roles across many skills and is expanding to meet the challenges of the SKA project.

At CSIRO we collaborate to achieve more than we could individually in a supportive, rewarding, inclusive and truly flexible environment.

Join us on team SKA!
Some of team SKA at CSIRO, join us in one of our currently advertised SKA jobs.
Some of the diverse team at CSIRO who work on the SKA project.