AUGUST | Bedeuro Kim

August 27th, 2020

Bedeuro is doing his PhD at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, and has keen interest in image processing, security and blockchain.

Bedeuro Kim

Sungkyunkwan University - South Korea, Distributed Systems Security group | Autonomous and Application Security team

  • Tell us a bit about you.

    I received my Master of Computer Science degree from Sungkyunkwan University of Republic of Korea in 2017. I am now a PhD student.

    What are your three key research interests?

    Image processing; usable security; blockchain.

    What do you like about working with Data61's SCS group?

    Data61 is a very good place to focus on research; I especially like the one-on-one coaching from my mentor. I also think the work is peaceful, but passionate!

    What are your plans after completing your PhD?

    I hope to find work in a research laboratory.

    Do you have a mantra that inspires you?

    Never give up!

  • AddressSeoul, South Korea