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Our vision is to make simple tools available that help people to learn about water, nutrient and salt management for irrigated agriculture.

Although there are many useful measuring tools on the market, we don’t believe that any one tool is the ‘solution’. Instead we place high value on the farmer’s local knowledge.  Because every situation is different, the experience of farmers is our starting point.  Farmers are always experimenting, and the tools described here help to structure learning around these experiments and build new locally relevant knowledge.


Our work is primarily funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and thus directed to farmers in Developing Countries.  For the vast majority of irrigators, the current tools are too expensive and difficult to understand.  We think simpler information is needed, recorded less frequently, but with much better spatial coverage.  We also think that water, nitrate and salt have to be measured together in order to really understand what is happening when we add water to the land in order to grow food.