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Saildrone Missions

Where are we deploying Saildrone?

A saildrone being tested in Hobart, Tasmania (CSIRO)

CSIRO will be deploying the saildrones over the next five years on a range of missions around Australia and into the Southern Ocean.

Each mission will have a plan outlining the target area for the saildrone and the mission’s scientific purpose. If you would like to know more, see the current missions list below:

Mission Number Mission Title
sd2018_v1 Saildrone Sensor Calibration – East Coast of Tasmania
sd2018_v2 Continental shelf trials – East Coast of Tasmania

Saildrones should only be recovered by authorised personnel or under specific direction of the CSIRO.

If you see a saildrone and have a concern, please email or call CSIRO enquiries on 1300 363 400