A conversation on launching quantum technologies

February 18th, 2022

Over 150 people attended the recent South Australian government forum on the Industrial Application of Quantum.

Hosted by South Australia’s Department for Trade and Investment, with support from the Office of the Chief Scientist for South Australia, the event’s objective was to ‘explore existing and emerging applications of quantum technologies to solve problems that effect industry on a global scale’. The forum highlighted the importance of readying the workforce for a quantum future including providing pathways from research to global application and industrial uptake of quantum technologies, and continuing to grow and strengthen national and state capability in quantum technologies.

Jim Rabeau spoke at the end of the first day about bridging the gap between research and commercialization. Jim discussed Australia’s place in the global ecosystem as well as what CSIRO is doing to help strengthen that position.

Within the global landscape in quantum technologies there has been an acceleration in both research investment and investment into start-ups. A productive ecosystem has many parts which need to come together in harmony: capability and expertise, infrastructure, people, supporting technologies, research, government and commercial investments. One of CSIRO’s roles in the ecosystem is to help translate the technology to be useful in industry applications. It’s something we do well, it’s our business model and main objective “to solve global problems using innovative R&D”. CSIRO is focusing on building quantum technology expertise across a number of application domains, including defence, space, medical and environment.

Jim Rabeau, Director of the Quantum Technologies FSP, CSIRO

The inaugural two-day event was attended by representatives from industry, the State and Federal Governments of Australia, Universities and Research Institutions, as well as entrepreneurs from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, demonstrating a keen interest and enthusiasm for the topic.

“It was really great to see the coming together of people from government, academic research and industry – everyone interested to learn more about what quantum is and where it’s going. There was a strong sense that people really want to see what is possible with quantum technologies, and a number of research experts described how they are working with end-users to understand how their technology can be adapted to make a real impact.”

Jim Rabeau, Director of the Quantum Technologies FSP, CSIRO

A second event is planned for November 2022 in Adelaide.