CSIRO’s Quantum Technology Future Science Platform is building capability and expertise to play a key role in the emerging global quantum industry.

CSIRO’s Future Science Platforms are critical to turning Australia’s future challenges into opportunities to invent a better future for us all.

“Quantum” is set to transform the way we gather, interpret, process and communicate information about the world around us by leveraging the unique and fragile quantum mechanical behaviour of light and matter.

Sensing, communication and computation are the three areas where CSIRO will accelerate capability growth and network formation in quantum technology.

The Quantum Technologies FSP is led by Jim Rabeau and is part of a larger and growing portfolio of investment and work in quantum technology at CSIRO.

You can reach us at QuantumTechnologiesFSP@csiro.au or more generally contact CSIRO.

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Narrator: The Quantum Industry is one of Australia’s most promising growth opportunities. Quantum technologies are creating new products, new markets, and new jobs, and Australia has long been a leader in quantum research.

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But what is Quantum?

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It is based on quantum mechanics, which describes how things behave at the very small scale.

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There’s no way around it, quantum is strange, and is not intuitive, but we can predict what it will do and how we can make use of it.

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By controlling and measuring single quantum objects like atoms, ions, electrons or photons
and operating across the boundaries of physics, computing, and engineering,

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we can make quantum technologies that open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

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We’re developing the software tools and understanding to allow quantum computers to tackle real-world problems

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like the fast and accurate prediction of global and local weather patterns, or the design of new catalysts, materials, or drugs

[Animation images move through to show symbols of a sun and plant, a satellite moving around the Earth, a DNA strand and medical cross, and a padlock across the front of a line of data]

for use across agriculture, aerospace or medicine, and to ensure computer networks and communication platforms are cybersecure.

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We’re also developing new quantum materials and quantum sensing tools that could lead to devices with higher sensitivity, and reduced size, weight, and power demands, and that will help us better understand life and the world around us.

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That’s why Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has launched the Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform.

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It’s part of our $200 million programme that pushes the boundaries of existing research through deeper collaboration with universities and industry.

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Drawing on our research expertise, the Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform will help build world-class quantum capability.

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We will work with industry to identify the problems that can’t be solved using today’s technologies,

[Animation image shows a circle of bubbles appearing in the centre and linking to the symbols above the workers, and then the image changes to show a map of Australia covered with a network design]

and develop next generation solutions using quantum technologies, so that Australia can continue playing a key role in the emerging global quantum industry.

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The future is quantum, and we are working to ensure Australia is ready for it.

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To find out more about this exciting new future science platform visit csiro.au/qt

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Quantum FSP – Animation Video “What is Quantum?”